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Work Experience Evaluations

Work Experience Evaluations: Validating And Enhancing Your Career

In today’s globalized job market, having a strong educational background is not always enough to secure employment opportunities. Employers often require candidates to have a US Bachelor’s degree or relevant academic qualifications in their field of expertise. However, what happens when an individual’s academic credentials are not equivalent to the US education system or their academic background lies outside the employer’s domain? This is where work experience evaluations come into play.

What is a Work Experience Evaluation?

A work experience evaluation is a process that assesses the professional experience of individuals whose academic qualifications may not meet the requirements set by prospective employers. It is particularly important for candidates who hold international academic credentials. These evaluations, based on USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) standards, determine the equivalency of degrees by considering the applicant’s work experience. Work experience evaluations may solely focus on experience requirements or include an academic review of the individual’s educational background.

Why are Work Experience Evaluations Necessary?

Work experience evaluations serve several purposes, including:

  1. Academic Equivalency: Work experience evaluations help determine the equivalency of an individual’s academic credentials to US educational standards. This is crucial for career advancement, further education, immigration, and job applications.
  2. Verification of Qualifications: Some employers, especially in specialized fields, may request a work experience evaluation to verify the qualifications of candidates. This provides employers with confidence in the candidate’s expertise and suitability for the position.
  3. Immigration Requirements: Work experience evaluations are often required for immigration purposes, such as H-1B Specialty Occupation visas. These evaluations provide evidence of an individual’s professional experience and its relevance to the intended employment in the United States.

The Process of Work Experience Evaluation

Work experience evaluations are typically conducted by authorized organizations specializing in this area. The process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The first step in the work experience evaluation process is an initial consultation. During this consultation, the individual provides background details, academic goals, and preferences for the evaluation service. Based on this information, experts guide the individual in selecting the most suitable service plan.

Step 2: Document Collection

Once the service plan is chosen, the individual receives a document checklist and is required to submit the necessary records for immediate processing. These records may include:

  • Certificates of Secondary and Higher Secondary School (equivalent to high school in the American education system)
  • Transcripts and degree certificates of all degrees obtained
  • Experience letters from all previous organizations
  • Joining and relieving documents

Step 3: Case Preparation

After the document collection, a dedicated expert evaluates, researches, and drafts a detailed and tailored evaluation report. This report takes into account the individual’s academic background, professional experience, and the specific requirements of the intended recipient (e.g., employer, educational institution, immigration authorities). The expert ensures that the evaluation report adheres to USCIS standards and accurately reflects the individual’s qualifications.

Step 4: Final Delivery

Once the draft of the evaluation report is ready, it is shared with the individual for review. The individual has the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest any necessary revisions. Once approved, the final evaluation report is delivered in PDF format. If desired, the individual may opt for mail delivery, subject to an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Work Experience Evaluation Service

When it comes to work experience evaluations, choosing the right evaluation service is crucial. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Credibility and Expertise: Look for an evaluation service that has a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable evaluations. Check for testimonials, reviews, and recommendations from past clients.
  2. Simplicity and Affordability: The evaluation process should be straightforward and transparent. Choose a service that offers a simple and affordable pricing structure, ensuring that you receive value for your investment.
  3. Timeliness and Responsiveness: Time is of the essence when it comes to work experience evaluations. Select a service that offers timely delivery of evaluation reports and is responsive to your queries and concerns.

Client Testimonials

At EEE OF AMERICA, we take pride in our commitment to client satisfaction. Here are some testimonials from our valued clients:

“Great work from EEE OF AMERICA! Very professional, asked the right questions to figure out all the details to make sure everything is correct. Pleasant to talk to, and very responsive. I highly recommend EEE OF AMERICA to anyone.” – Tigran Petrosyan

“I compared many credential evaluation services and found the process of degree evaluation by EEE OF AMERICA to be very simple and affordable. They provided me with a well-formatted evaluation report and timely services.” – Mayank Jain

“EEE OF AMERICA strives to satisfy their clients as much as possible. I am very pleased with the results of my evaluation conducted by EEE OF AMERICA. I will recommend EEE OF AMERICA to my friends and relatives. Thank you!!” – Harshit Aggarwal


Work experience evaluations play a vital role in validating an individual’s professional journey and enhancing their career prospects. These evaluations provide a means to assess the equivalency of international academic credentials and verify qualifications for employment, immigration, and educational purposes. By choosing a reputable evaluation service, individuals can confidently showcase their expertise and open doors to new opportunities. At EEE OF AMERICA, we are dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and affordable work experience evaluations to ensure your success in the global job market. Contact us today to begin your evaluation journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a Work Experience Evaluation for every job application?

A: No, a Work Experience Evaluation is not necessary for every job application. However, some employers, especially in specialized fields, may request a Work Experience Evaluation to verify your qualifications.

Q: Who conducts Work Experience Evaluations?

A: Work Experience Evaluations are typically conducted by authorized organizations like EEE OF AMERICA, which have expertise in this area. These organizations review your documentation and provide an official evaluation report.

Q: What other services does EEE OF AMERICA offer?

A: In addition to Work Experience Evaluations, EEE OF AMERICA offers a range of other services, including Education Evaluations, Position Evaluations, Expert Opinion Letters, and Certified Translations. Our goal is to ensure that your foreign education is recognized in the United States.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or professional advice. Please consult with the relevant authorities or professionals for specific guidance related to your situation.

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