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Education Evaluation for Green Card: A Comprehensive Guide (free)

Are you an individual educated outside the United States seeking a US work visa or an employment-based green card? If so, you may need to undergo an Education Evaluation for Green Card to demonstrate the equivalence of your foreign academic credentials to US standards.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the education evaluation process and its importance in your journey towards obtaining a green card.

Why is Education Evaluation Necessary for Green Card Applications?

When applying for a green card, it is vital to prove that you possess the necessary education and qualifications to work and support yourself and your dependents in the United States. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) require a thorough evaluation of your educational background to ensure that it aligns with the required US standards.

By undergoing an education evaluation, you can provide evidence of your educational achievements and enhance the likelihood of a successful green card application.

Education Evaluation Process For Green Card (Guide)

The education evaluation process involves obtaining a report from a reputable agency specializing in foreign academic evaluations. These agencies assess the equivalency of your foreign academic and professional credentials to the US education system.

There are various types of educational evaluation reports available, including foreign degree evaluations (diploma evaluation/document-by-document) and transcript evaluations (course-by-course). The specific type of evaluation required may vary depending on the purpose of your application.

Foreign Degree Evaluation (Diploma Evaluation/Document-by-Document)

A foreign degree evaluation focuses on determining the equivalency of your foreign degree to a US degree. This type of evaluation provides a basic assessment that often satisfies the requirements for employment and immigration purposes. It emphasizes the level of education completed, the number of years of study, and the field of specialization.

Transcript Evaluation (Course-by-Course)

A transcript evaluation provides a more comprehensive assessment of your educational background. It includes an evaluation of your coursework, credits, grades, and GPA.

This type of evaluation is recommended for college admissions, determining transfer credits, applying for advanced degrees or licensing, addressing USCIS Requests for Evidence (RFE), and other situations where a detailed analysis of your academic achievements is necessary.

Selecting a Trusted Evaluation Service

To ensure the acceptance of your evaluation report by USCIS, it is essential to choose a reputable agency that follows the guidelines set by the US National Council for the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials.

While USCIS does not provide a list of preferred evaluation services, it is advisable to select an agency that is an endorsed member of organizations such as the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE) or the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

These organizations uphold the principles of good practice in the evaluation of foreign educational credentials and maintain high standards of professionalism and accuracy.

Required Documents and Processing Time

Each evaluation service may have its specific requirements regarding the documents needed for the evaluation process. Generally, you will be asked to provide your degree certificate, translated degree certificate (if applicable), transcripts, and translated transcripts (if applicable). The requirements may vary depending on the agency and the type of evaluation requested.

The processing time for an education evaluation report can also vary. It is recommended to choose a service that offers a reasonable processing time, typically ranging from five to seven business days. Some agencies even provide rush services for situations where time is of the essence.

Opting for an agency that accepts electronic submission of documents can help expedite the process and eliminate delays caused by postal services.

Incorporating the Evaluation Report into Your Application

When submitting your green card application or responding to questions about your academic background, it is crucial to include a copy of your evaluation report.

Attach the report to your resume or CV and provide it whenever you are required to submit your original diplomas, transcripts, or other educational credentials. Consider having an original copy of the evaluation report on hand for your immigration interview to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Additional Information: EEE OF America Can Help with Education Evaluation for Green Card

If you are looking for assistance with education evaluation for your green card application, EEE OF America is here to help. We are a trusted and endorsed member of AICE, committed to providing accurate and reliable evaluation reports that meet the requirements of USCIS.

Our experienced evaluators will carefully assess your foreign academic credentials and provide a comprehensive evaluation report that highlights the equivalency of your education to US standards.

Contact us today for a free estimate and personalized guidance throughout the evaluation process.


Education Evaluation for a green card is an important milestone in your journey towards achieving your professional and personal goals in the United States.

By undergoing an education evaluation and providing a comprehensive evaluation report, you can demonstrate the equivalence of your foreign academic credentials and enhance the success of your green card application.

Choose a reputable evaluation service, gather the necessary documents, and incorporate the evaluation report into your application to navigate the complexities of the immigration process with confidence.

EEE OF America is here to support you every step of the way.

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