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Education Evaluations for H-1B Visa

Education Evaluations for H-1B Visa Applications (Apply Now)

The H-1B visa, a non-immigrant visa in the United States, allows employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. One critical aspect of the H-1B visa application is education evaluations, a process that can be complex and time-consuming.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about education evaluations for H-1B visa applications.

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What is an Education Evaluation for H-1B?

Education evaluation, also referred to as foreign credential evaluation, is a process where educational degrees, transcripts, and professional experiences obtained outside of the United States are assessed by professional evaluation agencies.

The primary objective of this process is to establish the equivalency of an applicant’s foreign degree to a U.S. bachelor’s degree or higher, a mandatory requirement set by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for obtaining an H-1B visa.

Types of Education Evaluations

There are typically two types of education evaluations conducted for H-1B visa applicants:

  1. Foreign Degree Evaluation (Document by Document Evaluation / Diploma Evaluation): This evaluation focuses on assessing the overall equivalency of your foreign degree to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. It considers factors such as the institution’s accreditation, program of study, curriculum, and academic rigor.
  2. Transcript Evaluation (Course by Course Evaluation): This evaluation provides a detailed analysis of your academic transcripts, including the courses you have taken and the grades you have received. It compares these courses to the equivalent courses offered in the U.S. educational system.

Why is Education Evaluation Necessary for H-1B?

The USCIS mandates that to qualify for an H-1B visa, an applicant must have at least a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. This requirement is to ensure that the applicant possesses the necessary educational qualifications for the specialized occupation. Therefore, an education evaluation is vital to provide evidence to USCIS that the applicant meets this requirement.

By obtaining an education evaluation for a foreign degree, you can demonstrate to USCIS that you either possess a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or that your foreign degree is equivalent to a specific U.S. degree.

This evaluation plays a critical role in strengthening your H-1B visa application and increasing your chances of approval.

How to Obtain an Education Evaluation for H-1B Visa?

To get an education evaluation for your H-1B application, the initial step is to choose a reputable and independent credential evaluation agency. These agencies have a deep understanding of global educational systems and can accurately translate and evaluate your degrees into their U.S. equivalents.

Some well-known credential evaluation agencies include:

  2. World Education Services (WES)
  3. Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
  4. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. (JS&A;)
  5. Educated Choices, LLC

After selecting the appropriate evaluation agency, you can request an H-1B education evaluation from them, providing the necessary documents and information as outlined by the agency.

Required Documents for H-1B Education Evaluation

Before initiating the education evaluation process, you will need to gather certain documents. These typically include:

  1. Degree Certificate: A copy of your degree certificate issued by a foreign institution.
  2. Translated Degree Certificate: If your degree certificate is not in English, a translated version by a certified translator is required.
  3. Transcripts: Copies of your academic transcripts, which provide a record of the courses you have taken and the grades you have received.
  4. Translated Transcripts: If your transcripts are not in English, translated versions by a certified translator are required. This is specifically required for transcript evaluation.

Ensure all documents are clear, legible, and, if necessary, accompanied by certified translations.

What Does an Education Evaluation for H-1B Include?

An education evaluation report for H-1B provides a comprehensive analysis of your educational background and its equivalence to the U.S. educational system. The report typically includes:

  1. An equivalent for each degree, diploma, or transcript submitted for evaluation.
  2. Dates of attendance and location of the institution.
  3. Profile of the institution and its programs, including entrance criteria, institutional status, and typical length of study.
  4. Recommendations on the U.S. equivalent of each level of study and credential earned.
  5. The evaluator’s resume and references used for the evaluation.

The report serves as a valuable resource for USCIS adjudicators who review your H-1B application, helping them understand the equivalency of your foreign education and its relevance to the specialized occupation you are applying for.

Cost of an H-1B Education Evaluation Visa

The cost of an H-1B education evaluation varies depending on the evaluation agency and the services you require. Typically, the cost ranges between $150 and $350 for document-by-document evaluations and between $200 and $500 for professional work experience evaluations. It’s important to note that expedited processing options may be available at an additional cost. The evaluation agency you choose will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fees and processing times associated with your specific evaluation type.

Education Evaluation for H-1B Process Time

The processing time for an H-1B education evaluation varies depending on the evaluation agency and the service level you choose. On average, the processing time ranges from 7 to 21 business days.

However, some agencies offer expedited processing options, such as 48-hour, 24-hour, or even same-day services, for an additional fee.

It’s advisable to carefully consider your timeline and choose a processing option that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the education evaluation for H1B visa?

An review of an applicant’s educational background is required in order to grant them permission to work in the United States under the terms of an H-1B visa. This assessment is done to make sure the applicant satisfies the educational standards for the H-1B visa category and to ascertain whether the applicant’s international educational credentials are equivalent to those in the US.

The education evaluation’s goal is to prove to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) that the applicant meets the requirements for an H-1B visa in terms of education. Transcripts, diplomas, degree certificates, and any other pertinent paperwork from the applicant’s educational institution are usually sent to a professional credential evaluation firm for this examination.

After evaluating the submitted materials, the evaluation organization produces a report outlining how close the applicant’s overseas education is to that of the US. USCIS uses this report to assess if the applicant satisfies the educational qualifications needed to be eligible for an H-1B visa.

To guarantee that the assessment procedure is exact and comprehensive, it’s critical to select a respectable evaluation organization approved by USCIS.

A successful H-1B visa application procedure requires a thorough education review.

Q2. What is degree equivalency for H1B visa?

The evaluation of a foreign educational degree to ascertain its comparable to a U.S. degree is known as degree equivalency for an H-1B visa. This evaluation is important because H-1B visa criteria sometimes state that candidates must be at least bachelor’s degree holders, or have the equivalent, in order to be eligible for the visa.

Those with foreign educational qualifications must show that their education is at least as good as a bachelor’s degree earned in the relevant field in the United States in order to be eligible for an H-1B visa. Usually, a professional credential evaluation company approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does this equivalence assessment.

Examining the applicant’s academic records from their educational institution, including transcripts, diplomas, degree certificates, and any other pertinent paperwork, is part of the evaluation process.

Examining the applicant’s academic records from their educational institution, including transcripts, diplomas, degree certificates, and any other pertinent paperwork, is part of the evaluation process.

The evaluation agency then assesses whether the foreign degree satisfies the relevant equivalency requirements by comparing the coursework, academic standards, and length of study to those of U.S. educational institutions.

The agency reports on whether the applicant’s foreign degree is equivalent to a degree in the United States when the evaluation is finished. This report is essential to the H-1B visa application process since it assists USCIS in determining whether the applicant satisfies the educational requirements for the requested visa category.

Q3. Is degree certificate mandatory for H1B visa?

Indeed, obtaining a degree certificate is usually required in order to apply for an H-1B visa.

One of the primary prerequisites for being eligible for an H-1B visa is having a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. In order to prove this qualification, candidates must submit documentation of their academic background, most often in the form of a degree certificate.

This certificate attests to the applicant’s completion of the necessary coursework and issuance of the appropriate degree.

Especially if the degree was earned from a foreign educational institution, candidates may additionally need to present other supporting documents in addition to the degree certificate, such as transcripts, diplomas, and educational evaluations.

Overall, a degree certificate is usually an essential part of the paperwork required for an H-1B visa application, while specific requirements may differ based on unique circumstances and the applicant’s educational background.

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In conclusion, education evaluation plays a vital role in the H-1B visa application process. By obtaining an education evaluation, you can fulfill USCIS requirements and provide evidence of your educational qualifications. Selecting a reputable evaluation agency and submitting the required documents will ensure a smooth evaluation process. With the right education evaluation in hand, you can confidently submit your H-1B application and increase your chances of success.

If you are considering an H-1B application and require an education evaluation, contact EEE OF AMERICA today. Our experienced evaluators will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation report that meets USCIS standards.

Good luck with your H-1B journey!

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