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USCIS Approved Education Evaluation: Your Pathway to Immigration Success

Navigating the complexities of the U.S. immigration process can be challenging, particularly when it comes to proving your educational qualifications. To ease this process, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires an USCIS approved education evaluation of foreign academic credentials for specific visa categories.
This article delves into a comprehensive understanding of education evaluation for immigration, its necessity, the process, and the trusted providers of such evaluations.


Understanding USCIS Approved Education Evaluation

USCIS approved education evaluation, also known as foreign credential evaluation, is a service rendered by professional agencies. It assesses academic qualifications, including degrees, diplomas, and transcripts obtained outside the U.S. The primary purpose of the evaluation is to establish the U.S. equivalence of the foreign degree, which is crucial for H1B and other immigration purposes.

This evaluation is essentially of two types:

  1. Foreign Degree Evaluation (Diploma Evaluation/Document by Document)
  2. Transcript Evaluation (Course by Course)

Necessity of Credential Evaluation for Immigration

If your academic qualifications were obtained outside the U.S, obtaining a credential evaluation becomes an essential part of your immigration application to USCIS. The reason being, every country has its unique education system, and the U.S. immigration authorities may find it challenging to understand the significance of foreign academic credentials. The evaluation provides a standardized understanding of your foreign degree in U.S. terms, thereby establishing your eligibility for the visa or green card.

Utilizing the Credential Evaluation for Immigration

Once you have obtained the credential evaluation, it should be included in the package that you submit to USCIS for your immigration case review. It is also advisable to attach the foreign credential evaluation to your resume or CV, along with the original documents of your academic background. The evaluation report can be submitted as a copy for H-1B filing, and an original is not required.

Required Documents for USCIS Approved Education Evaluation

To obtain an evaluation, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Degree Certificate
  • Translated degree certificate by a certified translator
  • Transcripts
  • Translated transcripts by a certified translator (required if doing Transcript Evaluation)

What Does a Credential Evaluation for Immigration Include?

A standard credential evaluation for immigration usually includes:

  • An equivalent for each degree, diploma, or transcript submitted for evaluation
  • Dates of attendance and location of the institution
  • Profile of the institution and programs (entrance criteria, status of the institution, typical and length of study)
  • Recommends the U.S. equivalent of each level of study and credential earned

Where to Obtain Education Credential Evaluation for Immigration

USCIS accepts evaluations performed by independent credential evaluators who can provide a credible, logical, and well-documented case for such an equivalency determination. These evaluations are generally provided by private agencies that offer foreign credential evaluation services.

Selecting the Right Service for Credential Evaluation

Selecting the right service for your credential evaluation is a crucial step. Ensure to choose a trusted and experienced agency that fits your specific needs. It’s advisable to review and compare different services to make an informed decision.

Submitting Original Documents for Evaluation

While some credential evaluators require you to mail the original documents, others can accept digital copies. You can take a picture or scan the documents and send them via email to some agencies, thus minimizing the risk of losing original documents.

Timeframe for USCIS Approved Education Evaluation

The length of time it takes to obtain an USCIS approved education evaluation generally ranges from 7 to 12 business days. However, it’s always recommended to start the process as early as possible to avoid any potential delays in your immigration application.

Cost of an USCIS Approved Education Evaluation

The cost for a degree evaluation typically falls between $100 and $130, while a transcript evaluation may cost between $160 and $200. However, prices can vary according to the complexity of your case and the agency you choose.

EEE OF AMERICA: Your Trusted Provider for USCIS Approved Education Evaluation

When it comes to obtaining a reliable and accurate USCIS approved education evaluation, EEE OF AMERICA stands as a trusted provider. With over 8 years of experience and handling more than 150,000 cases, EEE OF AMERICA offers comprehensive foreign credential evaluations, including Education Evaluations, Work Experience Evaluations, Position Evaluations, Expert opinion letters, and Certified Translations.

EEE OF AMERICA works closely with university professors and industry experts to provide opinion letters that can supplement USCIS petitions, respond to Requests for Evidence (RFE), or be used to appeal Decisions (denials). All evaluations adhere to USCIS and AACRAO EDGE standards and are recognized by universities, professional licensing boards, and government and educational institutions.


Navigating the U.S. immigration process can be complex, but a USCIS approved education evaluation can simplify the process. By understanding the process and choosing a reputable service like EEE OF AMERICA, you can ensure that your immigration application meets all requirements and increases your chances of success.

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